What is Music Across Kansas?

A New Idea

Have you ever wanted to see a good concert in your own town, but lamented that it’s just not possible in a town your size without support from the state? Music Across Kansas is a new idea for making it easy to bring performing artists (mostly musicians) to your community, no matter what your population is.

What is it?

The new idea is actually a tried-and-tested concept called a House Concert. The tradition goes back literally centuries, and simply involves throwing a private party for your friends and music-loving acquaintances, who come over to watch a concert in your living room. The new part is that the internet makes it much easier to pull it off. Because of our unique needs in Kansas, this can be a great way to energize the arts communities in Kansas, especially in smaller towns.

Who can participate?

Anyone can host a house concert. It helps if you have ample room in your home, and it helps if you know people who would like to attend. You need only schedule a performer (there is a growing list here), invite your guests, do some shopping for snacks (or throw a pot luck), and collect a suggested donation from the guests in order to pay the performer.

How do I learn more?

This site has a page with more detailed information about hosting a house concert. There is also a page of artists who are available to come to your community. Finally, there is a blog page with news and ideas from Kelly Werts (host of this site and a touring musician himself), with room for your comments, questions and news of your own.